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I cater to a more affluent clientele; those who want better care for their fuzzy children. If you need pet care, you want the best care for your pet that money can buy. It's crucial to hire a responsible, knowledgeable, dependable sitter that you can trust with your pet(s). My biggest fear is 'will my pet be scared/sad?' When you have to leave town, it is Important to me that your dog enjoys a vacation, too. I offer something more intimate than a kennel, because I do not run a kennel. I babysit dogs, in my home, and I rescue in my spare time.  I no longer go to my client's homes, but am able to provide 24/7 care here, in my home with my 'pack.'

Behavior Modification

"The concept of a pack is engraved into your dog's DNA. In a pack, there are two roles; the role of leader and the role of follower. If you don't become your dog's pack leader, he will assume that role and try to dominate you."

- Cesar Millan


I got into this business because so many animals end up being given to shelters because of human error in training. I think I can help.

"Alpha", or leader, is an attitude. Your dog watches you constantly and reads your body language. If you have behavior problems in your house, I can help you find an effective, non-violent method of putting your pet in it's place in your household. For this method to work, your whole family has to be involved.

Does your pet have issues? I can help you adapt yourself & your pet, and find ways to manipulate its behavior into avenues that will bring peace back into your home. 

With a one-on-one home visit, together we can help you learn what your pet is thinking, why he/she does what they do and, most important, help make them, as members of your family, find a calmer, more peaceful way to interact with his/her "pack." I can help you to find a more tranquil, loving way to interact with your pet which will make everyone in your home happier.


Dawn Lentz

Call 302-897-9779

11 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Re-homing should be your LAST resort.

Your pet wants to please you! Your pet loves you and never wants to leave! You shouldn't wait until problems become unbearable. Its more beneficial to employ therapy when you notice small things. Any bad behavior should be handled early. Don't let molehills become mountains! Call before it may be too late. Walks and exercise can be incredibley productive in helping maintain good behavior. By changing small cues that we give our pets, we can reduce or eradicate unwanted acting out.

 Don't wait until a little problem becomes a big problem!


Why does he do that...?

Is there such thing as a 'bad dog'? Are cats just 'naturally' jerks'? I can help with many of the most common pet-owner difficulties, like...

*inappropriate chewing

*incessant barking

*running away

*separation anxiety

*food aggression

*inappropriate elimination

I don't just tell you how we can train your pet, I will train YOU to change your interaction with your pet. 


I am NOT a veterinarian and my therapy services cannot replace veterinary advice. If your problem is of an immediate nature, I urge you to seek medical advice from a certified veterinarian ASAP. I was trained in the Veterinary Medicine program at Del Tech and the advice I provide has been obtained from a lifelong passion for helping and understanding animals, owning pets, breeding dogs, my studies, pet-sitting and fostering for many shelters. My therapy services are solely to help you to train your own pet and change enabling behavior in your family.

I am not a groomer.

Payment is expected when service is rendered, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. 

Cash is the preferred method of payment and is expected at the beginning of your services. Cancellation must be at least 24 hours before appointment or $10 cancellation fee applies.


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